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Wuxi Milewave Photonics Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of high performance laser modules and subsystems. The product lines cover a whole range of wavelengths from 375nm to 1550nm, wide range of powers from several milliwatts to hundreds watts and different output modes including both free-space and fiber-coupling. The products are now widely used in bio-technology and scientific research field, industrial detection and processing field, such as Flow Cytometry, DNA Sequencing, Raman Spectroscopy, Hematology, Endoscope, Confocal Microscopy, Medical Imaging, Surface Detection, 3D Laser Profile Scanning, Machine Vision, Gas Testing and Analysis, 3D Printing and so on.

Based on a strong IP portfolio of more than 40+ patents, Milewave Photonics’ series of laser modules possess the advantages of high power stability, high reliability, good beam quality, low noise, high integration and customization etc.. Till now, Milewave Photonics have built cooperation with many customers all over the world. Meanwhile, Milewave Photonics has certificated with ISO9001 and ISO13485, expects to provide our customers the cost-effective laser modules and quick value-added services, eventually to achieve its vision of becoming a world-class company.

Company Vision

Keep innovating and develoaping, become a world-class high performance laser module provider.

Company Culture

Innovation    Quality     Cooperation    Efficiency

Main Applications

Bio-Technologies and Scientific Researching

Flow Cytometry,DNA Sequencing,Hematology,Endoscope,Confocal Microscopy , DPCR,   

Medical Imaging.


Industrial Applications

Laser Direct Imaging(LDI), Machine vision, 3D laser profile scan, 3D printing, Surface test, Gas test and analysis



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