About Us
About Us

Wuxi Milewave Photonics Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of high-performance laser modules and subsystems. The company provide lasers with full coverage from ultraviolet to infrared wavelengths (375nm-1500nm), powers from several milliwatts to hundreds of watts, outputs via free-space and fiber coupling , and customization can be arranged. 

Our laser modules have been widely applied in bio-engineering fields, such as DNA sequencing, flow cytometry, Digital PCR, endoscopy, confocal microscopy and medical microscopic imaging, and industrial fields, such as brittle materials processing and highly reactive materials processing for photovoltaic system, semiconduct wafer cutting, glass drilling, cupper brazing etc.

Milewave Photonics has obtained more than 50 patents and software copyrights. It has also passed ISO9001 and ISO13485 certification, serving customers all over the world with cost-effective products and fast-response services by continuous innovation and standardized management.

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